GLRC Public Involvement

The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (GLRC) invited and encouraged public involvement in the development of the Great Lakes Restoration and Protection Strategy to ensure that a broad range of interests were considered as the strategy was developed and implemented.

Participation in the Issue Area Strategy Teams, which were charged with developing the building blocks of the Strategy, was open to all governmental, non-governmental stakeholders, and other interested group representatives.

Governmental, non-governmental stakeholders, and other interested group representatives also were welcome to attend the Conveners Meeting and joint meetings of the Executive Committee and the Strategy Teams, as well as Summit I and Summit II, the meetings at which the draft and final versions of the Strategy were released to the public. Meeting information was posted as it became available. In addition, upon release of the draft Strategy in July 2005, there were public meetings and a public comment period during which interested parties could provide input on the draft Strategy.

As the GLRC moved forward with implementing the Strategy, the Collaboration continued to encourage public involvement and worked to identify additional opportunities to engage the public.

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