Building Trade Between Western Europe and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region - featuring the Port of Antwerp - January 21, 2021

Overview of GLSL-Western Europe Trade Lane

Port of Antwerp presentation

Trade trends presentation

Webinar video


COVID-19 and Great Lakes St. Lawrence Shipping - featuring CPCS, Illinois International Port District, and the Chamber of Marine Commerce - August 5, 2020

Great Lakes St. Lawrence Shipping and COVID-19 report

CPCS presentation

IIPD presentation


Smart Shipping - Challenges and Opportunities for the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Maritime Transportation System - featuring HPC Hamburg Port Consulting - July 9, 2020

HPC presentation


Maritime Environmental Performance and Efficiency - featuring Green Marine, Interlake Steamship, and the Port of Montreal - December 3, 2019

Green Marine presentation

Interlake presentation

Port of Montreal presentation

Cruise the Great Lakes - featuring Dave Lorenz of Travel Michigan and Lisa Decker of Stevens Advertising - September 13, 2019

CTGL presentation

Marketing overview


Smart Ships Action Plan and Marine Autonomy Research Site - featuring Mike Piskur of GSGP and Professor Guy Meadows of Michigan Tech University- December 4, 2018

Smart Ships Action Plan presentation

Marine Autonomy Research Site presentation


Great Lakes St. Lawrence Maritime Transportation Data - featuring CPCS Transcom - October 11, 2018

CPCS presentation


Icebreaking in the Great Lakes St Lawrence maritime system - featuring the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards - March 5, 2018

CCG presentation

USCG presentation

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